The Visit

Yesterday afternoon I met up with my good friend Kinky Laville in BP.  She’s been on an idyllic holiday in the Turkish Islands, canoeing (she’s as fit as a flea this girl).  I was introduced to Thaddy Schwarzman, a friend of hers who was with her.  We chewed a bit of fat and sat in very companionable silence for a time while I IM’d my Sis Nirva who was going off RL to meet up with her family.  There was  a Lufthansa strike on (she’s German) and I hope she got the train eventually!

Later Thaddy invited me to join her and some friends in her Mistresses place, where she lives (Thaddy is Mistress Vanni’s sub)  There I met Lex Berchot and Llyenera Llewellyn (Vel’s alt) as well as Vanni herself.  Considering that my Mistress had left me restrained but not incapable, I was able to join in quite well!  I was a bit awestricken, I admit.  Well come on it was Lex Berchot, my hero  (I don’t use the word heroine)  The person who made me realise that I had a spot to pick!  It  was a very sociable evening, (yes I know we talked until 3 am UK time).  It’s strange finding out that people you only normally read about doing exotic things in exotic places are also interested in pizza and meatballs!  A rather surreal evening for me, being blindfolded, bound and gagged the whole time, meeting such great folk.  I hope it wasn’t a one-off! 

It has rekindled a desire to use the expanded capabilities of SL to achieve a longer spell of isolation, I hope my new Mistress will cooperate, otherwise I will just have to wait.  But I will do it.  Lex I don’t ever expect to be challenging your records, you are amazing!  This is for me and me alone.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 3, 2008.

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