Desperation Pt 2

I am a depressive.  I am at the bottom of the sigmoid.  From my viewpoint it’s a deep hole out of which I can concieve of no route.  RL helped put me here lately, but as such those issues have no place here, on this blog which chronicles the life of Ayesha Askham.  She is a second life avatar, therefore SL is her first and only life, and her vitality is stellar.  However there is a human element that drives Ayesha.  Both RL and SL impact on this element.  Ayesha is not bipolar.  She may be impatient and immature, but her eagerness to explore is innate.  Any cowardice she shows is derived from the human element not wishing to lose this window on an amazing virtual world.  The human element wishes to withdraw to lick its largely self inflicted wounds;  Ayesha does not.  It seems that Ayesha will be obeyed.  The human element does not understand, but complies.  I am that human element.  I am also Ayesha.  Therein lies an enigma.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 4, 2008.

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