Last Night

Last Night Mistress still hadn’t appeared.  I met up with Silvie and we went briefly to Passion Cove where she showed me the door to the huge room I tp into.  It was so far away that with my diminished vision, I couldn’t see it, and being hobbled it took several minutes to get there!  We had a look round the dungeon before she had to leave (Silvie , lucky lady, is not an insomniac like me).  Anyway I played on the toys for a while (I can’t resist them) and then , purely on a whim, went to Anjuna HouZe Club.  Now what is a blindfolded, gagged, bound girl doing somewhere like that?  I wanted to dance!  Amazingly the folk there are really broad-minded and didn’t mind my…unconventional appearance!  Once I sorted out the dance animation I had a ball!  Such cool music!  I had to tell a couple of folk that I do have a face, I just haven’t seen it for a while!  Dari’s panel gag and RR scarf leave very little of my face visible apart from my nose (*wrinkles as I smile*) but I’ve been told it’s a cute nose!

When I finally left SL threw a complete wobbler!  No tp, I began to low fly, and couldn’t land.  I logged out, and guess what, I couldn’t relog!  Gee thanks LL!  Eventually relogged and all was well except tp.  I tried a third time and, wow, all was well.  Got to my home sim (BP 1) and met an American friend who I haven’t seen for ages.  Decided to go shopping!  Well, if I could dance, why not go shopping?   I bought some really cool ballet boots at Fairlight, avoiding getting shot in the process, met up with my friend again and Ohh.. no tp!

We went to her place which was (slowly) accessible: two minutes to tp?  She found all my clothes were locked on and rather lost interest in me (I think she had her alt with her), so I sneaked back to BP 1 which was accessible by then, climbed up to my skybox and retired for the night at 5 am.

When I logged in this morning I found Mistress had poked her nose in to check up, her ISP was down all weekend (eek!), and had left again ((.  I rezzed bald without any attachments and was about to reload them when SL dropped them on me like a sack of coal!  Gee thanks again LL!  Complete, I prepared to retire to bed again, but then a horny furry friend gave me a proper work out!  Thanks Myst you are a godsend for a depressed soul!  Not depressed at all now I scooted to RL work.  What a night!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 5, 2008.

One Response to “Last Night”

  1. Yeeeeeeeeah, SL was a bitch last night, server failures all over the place. People weren’t rezzing, sims were down, etc. Seems SL likes to do that right when you start to have fun. G.G

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