Back into Isolation

Well last night saw my SL Experience broadened considerably.  With my Mistress I  went to meet a friend of hers for a bit of recreational shopping.  We went to the Meincassel sim , to a store  called FW BDSM, which has the most gorgeous (and most expensive) Latex I’ve ever seen. Mistress eventually saw a shiny black suit that I think looks soooo good on her.  (See later comment.)  I also saw something that I liked, more of that later.  I was being leash trained and dutifully followed Mistress around.  We went to a Motorbike racing track, where I demonstrated my extreme skill (not) in failing to kill myself or anyone else.  We went for a beer after and told silly jokes.  This is my Mistress, falling over drunk??  Then immediately was I.  A neat animation! 

We then went to dance at Pink Passions, a ladies only club in Give; this whole sim is for Lesbians (yay!).  No boorish Doms or idiots muscling in on our fun, (Why Isn’t Sidhe the same?)  We danced there ’till late, the theme being Purple, of which I was surprised to find I had a lot.  At the close of play Mistress came to tie me up for the night, “keeping me secure”, she says!  But we hadn’t finished.  I was left free to wander bound and blurry with a panel gag on for good measure (painfully tight this time though).  I went to Anjuna again to dance, they are very tolerant there, but I had trouble with low flying again, which took the edge off affairs.  I had difficulty in rezzing my Lulu gag earlier, but swapping between SLV and RLV in the new Cool Viewer is a godsend.  Relogs are lightning fast.  I wandered sleeplessly for an hour or so, finding myself at Pacific Pleasures on New.  There I met Kira Skytower and my old friend and foil Jo Exonar (she has my friend Kinky in her sway again – How does she do it as Rob’s Pet??)  I’m still not comfortable around Jo, it’s her second second life and she freaks me a bit. 

Leaving there I bumped into Mistress, who was also wandering, and she invited me to go back to FW and buy what we’d seen earlier.  Mistress bought the beautiful black outfit we’d seen earlier  (she looked  stunning, she is soooo elegant and sexy).  Then came a moment of high drama for me.  Earlier in the day I had asked cheekily for her to leve me in BP totally blind, and let me see (if I can use the word) if I could crawl to the fireside.  Well I didn’t do too badly for my first attempt (Silvie would probably not have been impressed) but with some guidance from Spiritpony I made it!  I think if I had not been kneeling and thus moving very slowly, I might have done better.  Now I asked Mistress (again cheekily) if she would lead me blind around the shop and choose an outfit for me.  She did (ty Mistress) and watching the coordinates is wierd, but so erotic.  But they and a map if it is available are your only guides to where you are.  Mistress unlocked me to blurry to see her choice – it was the outfit I had seen earlier, and I’m now wearing it, it is lovely!  Mistress then took me to buy a corset and chastity belt made by KaS, both I now wear.  She then said that I had a present due to me – What?? Coo!  We went with me blind again to Foret de Broceliande, where I was made to wait.  I was given an amazing Isolation Harness which is a combination gag, blindfold and ear muffs set.  I was soon locked down very firmly at BP totally oblivious to any input but my Mistress.  However this unit doesn’t like being modified in RLV.  I had the devil’s own job keeping it in place when relogging, the HUD is not robust enough.  So sight is only lost for single logins. NB: see Footnote 1 

I’m now at about 10 hours continuously logged in, and I intend to stay all day if I can.  I haven’t slept yet this cycle.  I am bound and posted by the fire in BP 1 if you want to look.  I shall be there a while I hope!  I want to burn in my corset and get it nice and tight as quickly as possible.  I’ve popped my ER Isolation Hood on,  over the Harness (hair off first)  And my friend Jess Xeltentat  kindly locked this mumbling one into it.  Now I wait to see how I get on.  I feel that long periods of SD will come to me soon with little trouble.  I do not want to copy Lex Berchot, that’s as bad as a male penis-length competition.  I want to expand that type of experience. maybe do some Bane time too.  I will broaden my scope.  But, and this is vital, I will do it only if it pleases my Mistress!  Her wishes are absolutely paramount and if she or Silvie want me to do something else that is what I will do!  I am hers to command.  Anyone who thought I could not submit to someone did not reckon on Ripple Aeon, or Silvie Nicholas.  I would die for Mistress or Silvie!  Mistress is the centre of my Universe, her radiance fills me every moment of every day.  No she isn’t an intellectual, or a sociologist, she doesn’t command respect that way, she just is Ripple Aeon, and I love her totally.

Footnote 1:  The Head harness HUD is fine it’s just slow to rezz thanks to SL’s lightning responses at present!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 6, 2008.

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