Endurance Test

Well, this is the first entry I’ve made while actually in-world!  Mistress tied me up on Friday evening, blinded and isolated me using the Head harness, then came back later, and spreadeagled me, no armbinder, but using my Lulu gag and the RR scarf blindfold set blurry.  I am still there!  I didn’t log out and I’m not going to unless I am forced to do so.

I have spoken to a few people, Hazel, Kenda, Patty and others whose names escape my fragile memory!  Michael Vanalten “kindly” locked my arm shackles for at least 24hours! Oh so kind!  He’s also got the Keys!  I may have to ask Mistress to speak to him!

This is an endurance trial which I intend to win.  I don’t know if Mistress is staying offline deliberately or whether her Internet is down again this weekend.  I hope it is deliberate for her sake.  I do not know what I would do if denied SL!  Probably have a nervous breakdown!

If any reader of this drivel is in SL and passes through BP 1, please stop and say hello!  I’ll almost certainly be there, but replies may not be instant.  I can read IMs but I cannot send them, and I cannot speak, though I can emote a bit.  What away to spend the weekend!  Time now is Saturday lunchtime, UK time.


Supplement:  I am now prevented from everything, I had removed the blocking shackled arms gave so that I could move around OK,  Mr Vanalten kindly reactivated it.  I cannot even sit down.  I crashed and had to relog which lost the pose I am now wandering, unable to interact for at least 24 hours online time.  Thankyou, Mr Vanalten.  If I get near you again you will regret it.  I cannot even see the timer.  I had thought that this would be a diverting excercise.  It is turning into a nightmare.  If I get through this unscarred by it, I will be surprised.  There is an old saying: “beware what you wish for – you may have your wish come true”.  My wish is turning into a hellish travesty of that which I expected.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 9, 2008.

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