The Future?

As I have noted before SL is a dynamic environment that changes very rapidly.  So do people within it.  I had thought that when I joined Ripple’s family, that I would find the stability I craved.  It now looks as though I was mistaken.

I am at loggerheads with another individual, and it is a battle that I have no taste for.  I was left in a semi-isolated state for three days, at the end of which I begged my Mistress to release me into a more familiar bondage so that I might contact my friends by IM.  This was done on the understanding that I might never be freed, and that Ripple might not contact me again.  Cast aside?  It looks that way!  To add a frisson of complete surreality, my first lover and Master, Steph Mazie materialised last evening.  I was under the (obviously mistaken) impression that he had left SL for good some time ago!  If I was confused before, I am even more so now!  I resume my pelagic existence until I can be sure either Ripple has abandoned me, or someone else genuinely wishes me to partner them.  I think I will not be a slave for anyone else.  I may become someone’s pet, but that would not be my choice.  Someone will show they want or need me before I throw myself at them!


Suuplement 13/08/08: 

It is confirmed by Mistress in a not unfriendly way, that I am in “Mistress Isolation” for now!  I am still part of the family though, she was adamant.  So it would seem that I must live in a sort of SL limbo for now.  At least I can speak with friends and go pretty much where I will, provided the sim is “Mature”.  This is proving to be a most interesting period in my SL!  I have met a very clever individual who may be able to hack into my collar to enable me to do some things I currently cannot.  Things are different yet again!  Never a dull moment!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 12, 2008.

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