Rambling Onward

Now, I have noticed that every time I suggest that my life is going in a particular direction, within 24 hours it all changes.  Maybe I am in-world more than some – OK I’m insomniac and my human element’s RL is rubbish, so what?  I am here to experience, to have fun (I think), and sometimes to philosphise.

The things that seem most changeable are those elements that are impacted by RL.  They seem most unpredictable too.

My relationships with other in-world individuals are delicate.  One of the most delicate is that with my Dominant, my Mistress.   Her decisions are so multifacetted, and so difficult that it makes me weep to see her strung out by responsibilities. It is then that I want to cuddle her, to please her, to do any damn thing I can to relax and distract her.  We had a good interlude last night, I hope there will be more – I have had to stay back from her recently – the reason was my intemperate remarks to another member of Mistresses family.

Some people do not understand what it was that I saw in my Mistress.  Maybe no one else can.  I remain her chattel, her slave.  I will not leave her voluntarily.  I just hope that we can remain together.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 14, 2008.

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