Another New Chapter Opens

I remember saying that as soon as I make a statement , SL moves to change my circumstances.  It has again.  Just as soon as I suggested that I wouldn’t leave Ripple, she and Rachael (Now Mistress Rachael) came to an arrangement and I was transferred to Rachael.

I thought I disliked Rachael.  I was very misguided.  She is a strong, fair-minded person well versed in the lore of D/s life.  I am her slave, and I submitted willingly!  I now live at Hangflame, not at BP1.  I will try to serve Rachael for the rest of my SL.  She is posessive.  I will not have much freedom, if any.  The power she exerts is not achieved by shackling or blinding me, but by removing nearly all of my ability to communicate or move freely.  We will explore my sub space together, she is UK based like me, so our on-line times suit each other.  There may well be much more one-on-one time.  Yay!  There is much for me to learn about SL, the D/s life and myself in this relationship.  This one will post more later, possibly much later. 

To my friends that I may not reach, but who read this blog – Thankyou for your support and love, I will miss you all!  I will be a good slave!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 16, 2008.

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