R & R

Well, I am morphed!  Even I don’t recognise myself!  However I do like the new new me!   Mistress has modified me to her liking, and I am content with that.

I saw more of the relaxation side of SL tonight, Bike Racing earlier, then surfing and sunbathing at Bundoran Reef.  Just to ensure that I don’t get complacent, I had a graphics-related crash and now I’m locked out of SL for a while, because LL have disabled logins for now.  Wonderful!  It’s a shame after such a good evening too!

I’m going to kick the door again soon, but I suspect that I won’t be allowed to log in until tomorrow.  I hope Mistress understands!

I’m reminded of an animation… Up Up and away….?  Thump!  Oh well ty LL.


Update 21/08/2008: Login was fine this morning!  Got back home OK.  I asked Mistress Ripple to pass on my apologies for vanishing.  I will stay here for my mistress to log on this evening, and relog myself at about 8:00 pm BST.  Phew!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 21, 2008.

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