Meeting People

When I first rezzed in SL, one of the things I put into my profile under things I wanted to do was:  “meet people”.  Well, I’m doing it.  And such people!  My Mistress (my Domina!) has introduced me to some of the most amazing folk I could ever wish to meet.  We have come closer than ever these last few days; I am absolutely certain of where I want my SL to continue – at her feet!

If I am resolute there will be a ceremony soon – it is a dream within a dream come true!  Last night was another superlative experience; I came offline with my head reeling!  At this rate I will spend the rest of my SL in sensory overload!

My life as a slave to Supreme Domina Rachael Ezvalt of the Lamp of Darkness will be a service given in joy!  I still cannot believe my good fortune.

I will have to pop back to BP soon to pack my things ready to leave, but I have some people to say goodbye to.  I hope I will see them in my new life as well, but the decision there will not be mine!  Am I content?  You bet I am!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 26, 2008.

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