Decisions, decisions…!

A while back, I’d have said that restraint was the only thing I was really interested in.  I was the original Bondage Bunny (Sorry Mistress Vannesh, Thaddy, you may have copyright on that).  The thought of the Kelley Technologies Banishment programme excited me beyond belief.

Well, I still would love to do that someday, perhaps, and the Bane Helmet is so cool, I really would like to try it – one day – maybe…  There are other influences in my life now.

Domina Ezvalt is the only influence I care about now.  I am still (I think) on course with her.  Please understand: I love her to distraction, and I will do my damnedest to be what she wants.  I am tiptoeing through these next few days with increasing confidence that I can be what she wishes.  I am loved, protected and shielded by my glorious Domina; my only thought is to do her bidding, to find ways to entertain her (without being too cheeky)…Oh here I go …rambling again!

Last night we went to Ally B’s new club on Deitide – Club Bondage.  If you have any leanings toward BDSM or D/s life, get down there!

I had some issues with my ISP, I suspect my upload bandwidth was restricted last night – I kept losing the abilty to communicate; I don’t think it’s RLV 1.12.3.  Relogs cleared it, but I don’t understand it.  Has anyone who reads this blog had a  similar problem?  I suspect it was just overload on the SL servers, there were a lot of folk logged in!  It did not spoil the evening, I got caged again (it’s happening a lot these days!) and then Domina “put me to bed”(!)  I’m still there and will be until Domina comes online this evening.  That is fine by me, though I don’t really have any choice!  Just in case you forget, Domina – I love you!

Take care my friends – this slave is going back to sleep!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 28, 2008.

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