So What’s in a Collar…?

Answer:  The world.  Domina stunned me yesterday by collaring me in advance of the original date we’d been planning on.

I now proudly display myself as hers with a very obvious posture collar carrying her name on it.  I was off work all this week with some virus or something and I was just poking around my bedroom/cage when she spotted me.  I was, as I am usually, blind, gagged and bound in there so she made me jump a bit!  The short story is that she had my new collar and decided, after we’d been to Ally B’s, (where she works most days), to do the thing!

Miss Ripple stood as witness as I removed my clothes, my shackles and the training collar I had been wearing (I’ve never felt so naked in my life as I did then) and knelt before her unadorned.  We exchanged our vows and Domina then helped me put on the new collar and get it locked into place.  I am her slave, pledged to serve her for the rest of our SL together.  She in turn vowed to protect and understand me – this is not an abusive relationship – there is love and trust on both sides here!  After the collaring, Domina and myself spent a while in Costa Rica (I think) on an island with a big volcano, just sitting by the sea, chatting.  This slave is also learning to fly!  We also trekked through some thick woodlands, and guess who got lost?  It’s just as well that Domina has a call-to-heel plug-in set!

I also hope that our friends will not be too upset that the original planned ceremony next Monday will not now happen (or at least I don’t think it will).  I would have been a gibbering nervous wreck by then!

Later in the evening SL contrived to keep us apart and I lost my nerve and went crying to my friend Thaddy in IM.  Sorry Thaddy, I was a coward and I overreacted!  Please forgive me!

We then did meet up albeit late, and went to visit some of Domina’s friends, then on to Apollo, to the Lost Gardens to meditate.  I have no idea how long we spent there, listening to the music of the late Singh Kaur.  It was blissful!

I have cleared my posessions from my BP1 skybox, it will remain empty for another two weeks.  I no longer live there.

I will IM all my friends as and when I can, but I’m IM blocked, bound and gagged more often than not these days because Domina likes to keep me close to her.  She’s not cruel, just posessive!  Besides, she knows I love it!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “So What’s in a Collar…?”

  1. hey, congrats on your …. words… commitment i guess would be the appropriate word, at least as appropriate as i can think of right now. I had to laugh because you went through the submissive version of elopeing. I figured your mistress might keep you under lock and key almost 24/7, so whenever you can, drop me a message, ok?

  2. Kenda
    Many thanks for you kind comments. I will try to leave some message somehow, in time. I am aware that you would have become my best friend in SL had we met earlier. As it was you came to look over me in the playground, and I sensed great empathy in you.
    Please let it be known that I am unharmed and healthy and will remain so. I love my Domina. I am content.

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