Girls’ Night Out

Yesterday, my Domina found my limit.  I’d been in a sort of isolation suit for over two days non-stop and a simple act cracked me utterly.  I had thought I was doing OK, but I was more fragile than I realised!  No matter, Domina got me out, but gave me a stern warning that I would revisit the suit soon and for longer…much longer!  Eek!  Well, I will learn to handle it, and learn more trust.  Trust does not come easily to me, and for good reason.  This time I am coming to trust Domina far more than anyone else in SL, (or RL for that matter).

Once out of the suit I was invited to join Domina and some other girls from Ally B’s and Ally herself for a “night  out” Clubbing.  I’ve never done that in SL, and wow, what an eye opener!  We went to Bogart’s Jazz Club – very swish!  Had to put one of my best frocks on – no slumming in jeans or latex here!  Then on to Saints & Sinners, then Domina and I found our way to Derailed, the sim was just staggering up after a crash, but it was the best dance music I’ve heard in SL – Honest!  Finally back to Ally B’s for a while to meet up with the others, who had gone earlier, the club was short of dancers!

Domina and I tottered home at gone 3 am BST, was I tired!  Back in my bedroom now, all safely locked up!

Thanks for a fab evening, Domina, Larae, Horny, Jessie, Brittini, Ally and everyone else I can’t remember!

Domina, I hope your cold’s better today!


~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 12, 2008.

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