A Slave’s Dilemma

I write this as a collared slave.  As such I risk punishment if my words displease my Mistress (in my case I call her Domina, for Domina she is).

Domina has taught me virtually all I know about the D/s life, and learning at her feet has been a joy, and still is.  Discipline must also come from within – I took a while to realise the gulf of difference between being in bondage physically, in SL or RL and being submissive, being bound in one’s mind to one’s dominant.

I believe I am finally at that second stage.  All submissives and especially those who aspire, as I do, to being willing slaves, must attain bondage in their minds.  Physical restraint is fun for those of us with that kink, but to be psychologically bound to one’s Domina – that is way beyond physical restraint!

To do Domina’s bidding is my joy.  To wait for her is painful, but much more doable (is that a word?) than I thought possible a short while ago.  It comes down to trust in the end.

To be with one’s Dominant is to be alive!  Frankly little else has any savour.  There are many who play at BDSM in SL and RL, I wonder how many can make it to willing slavedom?  I hope I can!

Domina, I love you!


Footnote 1:  I must give a good deal of credit also to Domina Inara Pey.  Mistress Pey is one of the most articulate and sensible Dominants in SL, in my opinion, after my Domina.  I have learned a good deal from Mistress Pey’s blog writings.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 14, 2008.

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