A Tight-Rope Walk

Something we all should have in mind when entering our Second lives; what do we value most?

If, like me, it is your Second Life itself, then it behooves one to make the best of what passes one’s way.

I am a Second Life slave.  I am also an RL slave to Second Life, if you see what I mean!  To be denied one’s Second Life would be to die.

I am only ever truly myself, truly alive, in the virtual world of Second Life.  It has provided my RL self with the means to reach and liberate that part of me which was forever knocking on the door of my conscious mind.

I have Second Life friends – they are, like me, real people who need SL to express a part of themselves otherwise suppressed.  I have a dominant in SL – my lovely Domina, without whose direct approval I may do nothing!  This satisfies the Submissive in me – to an extent I could not even properly dream of a year ago.

Keeping one’s Dominant sweet is no easy task for any Subbie, for a slave it is harder still!  I’m no pain junkie, and while I covet SD, it scares the  wotsits out of me.

For me, the thought of SL without a Dominant is to consider a fish out of water – a nonsense!  Therefore one walks a tight-rope between those things one wishes to experience, and those things one’s Dominant wishes for, or expects one to achieve.  One’s Dominant will always take precedence, and if like me, one is a slave, ideally one should completely set aside one’s own wants and needs.  It can be done, but it is a hard task.

Nonetheless the rewards are so great, the sacrifice is worth it, and in time the task becomes second nature.

I am back at school myself, since I upset my Domina  at a particularly delicate time in her SL.  I believe that if my Domina did not hold me in good regard generally, I would be cruising the auction-houses of SL for a new Dominant, or more likely, my Second Life would have come to an abrupt and unpleasant end, since I really cannot conceive of SL without my Domina.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 27, 2008.

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