A Day in a Second Life

I said I’d post more once I was through the punishment.  Well, I’m through it and having completed it, I am now ready to face the world of SL with even greater vigour!

Domina held me to the full term, and I’m grateful to her for that.  We are even closer now, if that’s possible, and my devotion to her is complete.

The nature of my submission has changed a little, I feel more relaxed and capable of trusting completely.  I know Domina will stretch me (she said so), but I believe that I will only be pushed slightly beyond what I feel are my limits!  I know I am lazy and need the push!  It will be up to me to handle new challenges!

There are still too many comings and goings in Domina’s family – folk who either are not what they claim to be (I know this situation only too well!) or they really are not interested in a genuine D/s life, they are just “players” in SL.  Don’t get me wrong, SL can be for players, not everyone wants to be serious about it!  It’s just not where we are!

Domina’s second, Miss Eoin Muircastle, is having a torrid time with subs; I spent a good while with her yesterday evening while Domina had a well-deserved outing in RL, and this situation is preying on her a bit, I think.  My only comment is (and was): “Don’t despair, Mistress,  the right sub will find you soon, I’m sure!”  It takes time to develop the character and charisma that Domina Rachael displays – that knowledge is not acquired overnight.

Recently some of my restrictive equipment failed and I was rooted to the spot.  Now a short while ago I would have panicked and run to SLV to extricate myself.  This time I waited for Domina to yank me out of my cage/bedroom, and then we sorted things out calmly via SLV.  The point there was that I had complete faith that Domina and I could sort the trouble out, and we did!

We had some fairly good events at Ally B’s this last week, two well attended gigs, though we couldn’t get in..my graphics really can’t cope with high (>15) numbers of avatars and I tend to slow right down and crash, (my computer needs a new graphics card and more memory (wonder if some could be fitted into my head while we’re at it??)).  We have a “Best in Chains” event at Club Bondage tonight, so if you read this, come on down to Deitide and either laugh at us chained up trying to dance, or join in the fun!  I’ll be there, but God knows what I’ll be wearing!

That’s all for now – take your fun seriously!  You know it makes sense!


Footnote:   The event at Club Bondage did not happen, since a couple of key people didn’t come inworld.  It was a shame and if anyone did read my blog and turn up to Deitide, I’m sorry, we were closed up!  There was life next door at Ally B’s though – I was there along with a select few others to get your limbs loosened up!  There will be other events I’m sure!  Just be aware, I’m only a dancer, not the club manager, so I’m not the best source of advance information on Deitide Club events!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 11, 2008.

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