What to Say?

It is a while since my last post on here.  I spent a long time as a slave using exclusively RLV and recently, when Domina released me from my slave status and allowed me to use SLV I was disorientated.  How could a former slave cope with such enormity?

Well franky, it has been difficult!  Having spent the vast bulk of my SL under RLV, in various forms of bondage or restraint, freedom is frightening.  But it can be overcome!

I am Rachael Ezvalt’s SL wife, and lover.  That alone is enough for me, but I am now Mistress Ayesha, and that  isn’t a joke – my experience as a submissive/slave stands me in very good stead to bring other submissive/slaves  through to a self awareness in that status.  To start out nervous and needy and to become confident, content and loyal is a difficult but very rewarding journey.  I hope that I will be as supportive of any sub/slave in my care/ownership as my Domina has been to me,

Mistress Ayesha

Mistress Ayesha

 though I am still on a journey to full self-awareness.  I have recently met some of my old friends, and the dubious pleasure of IM is now granted to me!

There is much to wonder at in SL, and my journey continues!  I am on the look-out for a suitable sub or slave to nurture, so I am to be seen around the various playgrounds of SL.

A brief note on my appearance:  I have changed radically twice in the last month.  My profile here is not current but I will update it when I am happy with the overall appearance.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 15, 2008.

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