True to Form

Well, D/s is complex, isn’t it?  A couple of weeks ago I was raring to go as a full time Mistress.  Now I am collared and shackled again, and loving it!  Can I switch: yes of course, but it isn’t like a lightswitch!

It crept back into me like a thief in the night; something I just had to do!  Also I love to please my Domina, she gets a kick out of Dommeing me, so I am happy to indulge her!

So…am I topping from the bottom?  A bit, I think!  But we’re both getting something out of it, so why not?  There is a significant difference now, though.

When I was fully submissive, I used and loved using RLV.  Now, thanks to LL’s use of Mono, SL grinds to a halt in heavily scripted areas.  I’ve seen subs and slaves more bound by SL than by their Dominant!  This has got to improve!

I find TP difficult on many occasions, but I think this is just SL being a pain.  But for a heavily restrained sub, SL can be a nightmare.  It speaks volumes for some subs that they struggle through the SL glue to please their Dominants.  I am always ready to please my Domina, and she likewise, we are in love and it will endure!

 I was intending to take the leash of a good friend for a time , but until this spell of submissiveness is exhausted, I will not be able to do so, since shackled Mistresses are a little rare.  We will see!  The person concerned may have mined out her own seam of submissiveness by the time I am ready to Domme again, who knows?

One thing I do know, however is that to submit and Domme convincingly, one must spend a great deal of time inworld.  Of that I am sure, even though my judgement is based on very few individuals, who are as immersed as I am.

Is there a deep meaning in this post, why no!   (It may, of course,  lie hidden!)  In virtually every Dominant there is a seed of submissiveness, which grows and blossoms now and again, just as in every sub, there is a seed of Dominance.  Nurture that seed, propogate it and a fully Dominant personality will come forth.  But there will be that seed of submissiveness in that Dominant, and the cycle will repeat.  To think otherwise is delusory, in my opinion.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 6, 2009.

One Response to “True to Form”

  1. You write very wise words, very recognizable too, for a submissive who used to have a strong Domme side! (It’s still there somewhere, deep inside)
    I’m looking forward to ever being trained and guided by you, and learn a lot..

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