Time Passes – The Nature of Submission

Now this is a difficult topic to blog about rationally. I have been sub to Domina Rachael Ezvalt for over six months RL now. We are partnered and we love each other. Mark that – we love each other! Not – I love my Domina – I am no pain or humiliation slut. I submit to Domina because I know it pleases her. That is not “Topping from the Bottom” because I do not demand domination or love from her.

I do it because it satisfies a deep need in us both. As far as that goes it suits us very well. Some folk use SL as a game, to me it is no game!

I love my Domina as surely as if I had her with me in RL, and I believe that she loves me in the same way. She tells me so, and as I have never trusted anyone before in my RL or SL, I trust and believe her.

SL has seemed an inconstant thing to me lately…people have come and gone from our SL at a bewildering speed. They presumably did not find in SL the deep satisfaction that I do. Most recently an old SL friend that I had not seen for many weeks reappeared, to my great joy, because she feels many of the things that I do. Sadly her Dominant, whom she loves dearly, will be out of SL for some considerable time – I would find that heartbreaking! I hope we can spend some time together, sharing and building our SL.

My Domina needs a sub and today I am as restricted and restrained as I have ever been, back under RLV at least for today (I hope no longer), since I can, I think, provide her with the submissive obedience she craves. As I said above I do not do this because I crave bondage, though I love it I admit! I do it out of love for my Dominant.

I have said before that I believe that love is important, nay, pivotal in a good, lasting D/s relationship. I remain convinced of it. Domina will push me to my tolerance limit if I know her at all, but not beyond it…I am no use to her broken or resentful.

So there needs to be sensitivity in a D/s relationship – on both sides. If there is that then knowledge of each other and trust will grow and the relationship will become better and closer.

There are other forms of relationship in SL and some work in RL too – I envy those people – I cannot carry my SL existence into RL – I only wish I could! Two SL friends of mine recently met in RL – they enjoyed their meeting and will meet again – this is a result for SL in my opinion. But for me there is still my glorious Domina in SL, and I remain as fiercely loyal to her now as I have ever been.

I merely add this – take SL seriously if you can – it will reward you. There are technical issues with SL, of course there are…but in the end it is the people sitting at their consoles, driving those avatars that matter. SL and D/s is simply an extension of the human psyche, and as such is a vibrant wonderful thing.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 3, 2009.

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