Collective Thoughts

This post may well be mirorred elsewhere, in that it refers to an event that I attended with many others.  Yesterday was organised the first of a series of events at the Deitide Playground on Deitide Island, a “munch” held to generally “chew the fat” on BDSM and D/s.  It was scheduled at 4pm GMT to place it at a time that would allow most regions of the globe to be awake and attend.

We had failed to appreciate that the US daylight-saving time kicks in before the British one, and of course, SL runs to Pacific Time, since Linden Laboratories is in the Western USA.  As a result our conversion to SLT was in error and our US guests arrived an hour earlier than we expected!  Oops!

Thankfully no-one very much was seriously inconvenienced by the error and a good meeting ensued.  We had several key members of the Subbie Union present including the President Lex Berchot, who is also on the Deitide/Bondage Ranch Admin, and Mistress Vannesh Cannoli, whose psychology and sociology teaching has brought her into SL.  Several well – known UK residents attended, including Mistress Inara Pey, bringing her sharp wit and humour to the occasion.

The event was organised by my Domina , who brings a vast breadth of D/s experience to such occasions, and we were pleased also to welcome the owners of Deitide, Mr Chorazin Allen and Ms Ally Boyle, without whose tireless work in SL none of this would have been possible.

Much was talked about, largely to do with RL experience of BDSM and D/s.  We hope to promote the fact that BDSM and especially D/s life is a funtion of the human condition, and as such, is centred around love and understanding, and is not a heartless, cruel perversion.

As with all things SL, you take and give what you wish,  but I encourage folk to come to future munches, almost certain to be held on Sundays, at the Deitide Playground, and either learn more about our way of love, or add your own “two penn’orth”  to the debate.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 9, 2009.

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