A Personal Attack – now this time I do have something to say!

I am writing this post in response to the apalling threat to my lifestyle intended by Linden Laboratories.

That is not an overreaction.  Group notices sent out last night (UK time) by Dari Caldwell and Aprille Shepherd alerted me to a move that I could scarcely believe.  Linden Laboratories intend to put restrictions on where I can go.  I wear a collar…many redidents do, it carries animations that make my second life far more pleasant and personal, but in my case it carries my Dominant and partner’s name – I am hers willingly – and it is locked.  I also wear locked shackles permanently.  Now it appears that there will be even more places that I will not be allowed to go in SL.  That is discrimination.  I would have thought that a country that has just elected its first black President would have put such idiocy behind it.

Behind the pretence at shielding some corporate residents from exposure to “adult” content and behaviour is a move to sanitize SL.  I will not tolerate this.  I find the smug attitude of the Lindens difficult to take on most aspects of SL, but this – no, this is too much.  Our lifestyle harms no one – not even me!  To feel shunned and a pariah in RL has been bad enough, now this in my virtual life? 

We already have Mature classification, has PC insanity come to SL so that even that is not enough?  I know there are morons that open an account and walk round SL asking “D’you wanna fuck?” or with idiotic statements in their paltry profiles – these folk can be taken aside and shown the error of their ways by LL.  Why should I be penalised because of their stupidity?

I noticed many angry postings on the SL fora last night – I can only hope that the strength of feeling expressed there will change the minds of those who operate SL, though from past experience this seems unlikely.

My Second Life is vitally important to me, it is where I met the love of my life – my Whole Life, mark you.  If Linden Laboratories take away my Second Life, well…they will do just that…take away my life.

I must stop this post now, I am getting angry and I will lose my objectivity.  I have never felt so strongly about a suject.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 13, 2009.

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