It’s my First Rezday

Simply put, I’ve been in SL for one year. This anniversary comes to many people, I think, with little, or no celebration. Many people only pop into SL when they’re bored, or at a loose end. That is their choice, and no concern of mine.

It does seem to me odd, though. Since the world of SL opened to me back in April last year, via the OnRez viewer and after some promotion on the Lorelei website, I have been immersed, and have met many remarkable people. None more remarkable than my partner and Dominant, Domina Rachael Ezvalt.

To think that my SL would take the form that it has in those early days would have been impossible, and I played with my avatar for a while, not really knowing why I was doing it. My RL partner was becoming a stranger to me and it was clear that I was finally coming to terms with my own strange past (dealt wiith elsewhere on this blog). My partner was changed by hormones used to treat a nasty and life-threatening condition, and would never be the same person again. I had been similarly changed even more crudely, years before due to being born “ambiguous”, i.e, due to chromosome damage, neither “one thing nor t’other”.

SL has, over the last 10 months or so, first enlightened and then empowered me to see myself in a different way. The Ayesha that stumbled into SL last April is long-gone.

Thanks to the loving control of my Dominant since last August 15th, I am more fully formed than I would have dreamed possible. I have made many and lost a few friends on my journey so far, but my SL continues and, I fervently hope, will continue for years to come, so long as SL survives.

To my lover, my confidante and my partner, Domina, I give thanks: Without you none of this would have happened, and my SL would have had no meaning.

I use the terms “lover” and “partner” – yes – SL lover and SL partner – but no-one has had more influence in my whole life, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 6, 2009.

One Response to “It’s my First Rezday”

  1. Hi Ayesha,
    Happy Rezday!


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