So – Are we surprised?

No resident of SL could have failed to hear of the uproar in the Adult part of SL recently.  No one who could see chat or read text anyway.

The “Adult Content” issue has been excercising minds for some weeks now from LL’s original statement regarding the creation of Adult areas and the subsequent segregation (a familiar word to North Americans, I believe) and exiling of all activity and representation of Adult behaviour to those ghettos.

I am relieved that I live on a private island, where such hindrances are currently not enforced.  I cannot help but wonder how long that willl remain the case.

As I understand it, my access to parts of the mainland is now limited.  Because I choose to wear locked shackles and a collar.  It is a sign of my dedication to another resident.

I recently gave a talk to a number of like-minded individuals at the Deitide Sunday Munch, and a transcipt of my crib-sheet appears on Domina Inara Pey’s blog (“Pey’s World”).

Now it appears that the content and aim of my address will be segregated from the rest of SL.  Maybe I failed to comprehend, but I understood that there was such a thing as freedom of speech, thought and deed on the net?

It seems I am naive.  I know that I am disappointed.  I did think that the Lindens would listen – how foolish of me!  I thought that maybe Darien Caldwell was excessively cynical – I’m sorry Dari – you are correct, I am wrong.  Last UK evening Aprille Shepherd sent out a group notice to those of us residents who can be bothered to post on a forum blog thread.  There are over 4 thousand posts on that thread so far.  Nevertheless LL have not listened to a single word of ours.  No, I correct myself – they have listened and have chosen to ignore us.

I’m not going to repeat myself from a couple of posts ago.  This is a black day for anyone in SL with a whit of inventiveness.  Today it is Adult-Oriented creation – what area will LL consider risky next?  Segregation and censorship starts LL off on a very slippery slope.  At the bottom there is a sanitised feeble SL that I for one want no part of.

Oh, by the way, I wish everyone a Happy St George’s Day.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 23, 2009.

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