The Way Forward?

I write this post in the thrall of the worst bout of depression I have suffered since I joined SL. I do this intentionally as a form of therapy, in the hope that seeing my words on my screen might kick me out of this hole I’m presently in.

Recently SL has undergone, or begun to undergo some changes which I find intolerable. My Second Lifestyle, which as anyone who has read this blog before will know is very important to me, has allowed me to realise some crucial changes to my persona and allowed me a measure of peace with what I am forced to be in RL. Now, it appears that SL is to be fumigated and sanitised and to be effectively purged of all such as myself in a headlong rush by Linden Laboratories (the pioneers of this graphic interface) to turn SL into a Business and Education tool.

Many perfectly reasonable, intelligent and sane people are being forced either into ghettoes, or out of SL altogether. Still more are becoming dormant or apathetic even if they remain in SL.

It appears that unless we live life in a way that will not offend anyone, dress accordingly and behave chastely, not to mention attending Church, Synagogue or Mosque on our Sabbath, we will be considered pariahs and banished to some high-fenced corral, where, presumably we will continue our “Sordid” lifestyles until the thought-police get us.

I enjoyed a brief flowering of my self-awareness, it was SL but at least it was MY SL. Now, it appears that is at an end. I am mortified.

Addendum 13th May 2009: Yesterday there were two further occurrences which confirmed that Freedom of Life in SL is being curbed. Firstly, Darien Caldwell finally threw her hands up in horror and quit her business, turning everything she had rights to into public domain, full permission…even if Dari returns to SL now, Dari’s Haus is no more. Dari’s Haus was the mainstay of my early months in SL. Secondly, the Women of Athenos became homeless. They had only just moved, but their new landlord, the land owner sold up, citing the new “Adult” content legislation as the cause. Again, a Lifestyle not all approve of, but I know these women – they are good souls on the whole. I cannot but reiterate – this is madness!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 11, 2009.

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