Plus ca change – plus ca reste meme

I’ve been thinking. Dangerous, I know and likely to cause small brush fires, but there you have it! I also apologise to those who know what the correct French wording for the title should be: J’ apologise. It just seemed more succinct.

There are many using SL today who use it as a means of supplementing/replacing their RL social interactions. The usual reasons are illness or sociopathic tendencies. I suspect I started my SL as one of the latter – my gender orientation issues were coming to an ugly head (see early posts on this blog if you need to know more), but now I am using SL because my RL physiology is failing and I interact more adequately in SL! That life has undergone a fairly major change now – for the better for myself and my partner I truly hope!

On a mission for my SL employer, I have lately spent hours in the SL blogs and fora, learning as much as a I could about SL’s upcoming changes re Adult content. I also looked at the hot debate about the new viewers. I am coming to the belated conclusion that my idle blunderings in SL are but a tiny ripple upon the surface of this MMU.

My SL partner and I will live our second lives as we choose to – I hope that LL will not interfere significantly and possibly, just possibly, SL may get even better for us.

There are wiser and more able folk out there asking all the questions that I require answers for, and they phrase them better than I could, so I will content myself for now to watch, learn and inwardly digest the debate – and hope that I don’t throw up.

This is important, people – don’t screw up.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 15, 2009.

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