Well, well, well!

My last post was one on the nature of change. I spent a short time as a free agent in SL and was beginning to like it, when everything had to change: well, I am a submissive, I didn’t feel right out of RLV!
I had to take a while out of SL, since my separation RL from my partner of 18 years finally ended officially with almost unavoidable financial wrangling. (Quick aside: Has anyone ever seen a poor solicitor?) I moved location in RL, only 2 miles , but then I had to get reconnected to the internet.
It had not occurred to me that I might miss the flood of information that spills into one’s RL from the net these days. My SL partner had a PC failure only days before I had to leave and she only got back a couple of days before me – synchronicity or what?
I knew I would miss SL and my partner there, though the degree that we missed each other was breathtaking! There is no substitute for the avatar-to-avatar contact of SL, unless one can be physically with one’s SL partner in RL – letters or emails simply serve to emphasise the isolation one feels.
Well, the isolation is now ended and I am back in SL with my SL lover and dominant – we are both happy now.
Is SL addictive? Maybe – but being loved certainly is!
The most significant thing we (my dominant and I) have done in SL is to move to a lovely island sim and put up our own house and make a lovely garden for our relaxation. For a sub like me, this is as close to heaven as I’ll get!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 23, 2009.

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