Busy, busy….!

You know, I should do more of this. Lately, I have been so wrapped up in my SL, and so busy re-establishing my RL that posting any coherent thoughts here was not a possibility.
I am a free agent again in RL (and poorer for it as many have previously found!) but my SL relationship has required nearly all of my effort.
Some people have said that SL relationships and even SL in general are for those who cannot relate in RL. I must disagree. SL allows us to meet far wider skeins of humanity than our physical parameters allow.
In that regard SL is a social website, I suppose. SL, however is far more than that. Some folk maybe do use SL as a glorified chat-room with pictures. Some of the more nepharious activities will soon be curbed, thanks to prurient activity by people in the USA.
The compulsion aspect of that I denigrate, since freedom on the web surely was one of its cornerstones. We (collective term which I cannot disassociate myself from) seem to be intent on removing responsibility for parental control from parents (if you don’t want the responsibility, folks, DON’T HAVE BABIES) and placing it in the hands of unaccountable organisations.
Abuse is not confined to kids though. Some folks really do lose themselves in SL and there are some predatorial folk who are waiting to ensnare them. We should regulate those activities too. We have to protect the vulnerable from abuse by the uncaring.

I’m afraid that this barmy Age-verification process in SL just won’t do that – it is as full of holes as Gruyere cheese. The Adult segregation of activities in SL is about as much use as a set of lace curtains on a window.
We need a means to prevent abuse of vulnerable folk, minors or not. We just need to do it better, and to that end we need reasoned debate – something we just don’t seem to be getting.

Linden Laboratories are too autocratic, many involved residents of SL are just plain paranoid about personal anonimity.

I live a very different SL from my RL and some of my activities are frowned upon by more “vanilla” folk. I will defend my right to live a Second Life as I wish to to the hilt, but I care about those with whom I interract.

We need to move forward to a more caring SL, and a lot of folk need to stop being so selfish. Also and even more critically, LL need to stop and Listen, and having Listened, take what they hear into account, when SL 2.0 is drawn up.
/me gets off her soapbox.

Please, people, SL is good, let’s make it even better!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 7, 2009.

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