The Other Side

Now, I am a full-time RLV user. For the last few months I have been using Boy Lane’s adaptation of Henri Beauchamp’s Cool Viewer for Windows. At the advent of the Adult Content Policy (which I fully support in principle, though not in its execution) I was worried that my SL would at best be crippled, and possibly ended. I was wrong. I was able to continue my SL albeit with a crippled Search function.
All this time LL pushed their new viewer 1.23, which, for my system was unusable, since the RLV aspect didn’t integrate properly. Others were more successful, and I realised that my PC was in dire need of upgrading.
That having been done, (to 2GB RAM and an nVidia GeoForce 9400GT 1GB graphics card) I got my SL back. I tried the Emerald Viewer, but the system didn’t seem to like it – I still don’t know why and I didn’t like RLVa.
Now Boy Lane has produced Rainbow Viewer Cool edition 1.22.11 with RLV 1.22b and full Adult compliance plus some fantastic extra features, and it runs perfectly on my system – I am not here to promote Boy’s work – she doesn’t need my endorsement!
Now the big debate is what features are LL going to add to viewer 1.24 and ultimately next year to viewer 2.0? Are there aspects of 3rd party viewers that LL do not like and will not permit? It seems to be so, and Emerald is being pilloried in some quarters for its versatility and amazing utility, including some features that facilitate bad behaviour. The debate in the SL blog is mind-boggling to a non-tekkie such as me.
It is high time that LL allowed the Open-Source community to tailor the next SLV – for us all.
In the meantime, specialist viewers will continue to amplify the SL of the various minorities for which they are optimised. Provided it is not used for griefing or stealing, what is wrong with that?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 22, 2009.

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