First Anniversary

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of my partnership with my Domina, Rachael Ezvalt. Over the last year we have explored the ins and outs of D/s, I flirted briefly with Domination, using SLV, but we soon realised that my nature was that of a submissive, albeit a sharp-witted (mostly) one, and is now exclusively conducted in RLV, moderated by a Mars Ring of Compliance and a substantially augmented Amethyst collar. Both of those can be thoroughly nasty and fearsome tools in the wrong hands, but in wise hands (like those of my Domina) they are remarkable means of discipline and control.

I have had a wonderful year of changes, both to me, to Domina and to where and how we live. I tried Nekoism – taking it as close to furridom as we could while retaining my personality, a spell as Domina’s little girl (that was NOT a great success) and most recently as a tiny-avatar fairy.


LD Fairy Slave - me!

Currently I am a full-sized pixie-like Fairy, and this I am enjoying immensely. I am still human for a goodly part of the time, and that is a pleasant balance.

Throughout all this, the abiding joy has been Domina’s thorough and professed happiness; both at my successful transformations, and my continued submission to her. The submission now extends into my RL, it has been carried through with care and commonsense and provides satisfaction to us both. We have been together for a year as partners, longer as Dominant and slave, this journey is established and continuing – watch this space!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 16, 2009.

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