I Don’t Believe It! ( after Victor Meldrew)

Well, Linden Laboratories have finally gone corporately insane. Their newly announced Third-Party Viewer policy is Barking Mad. It, more than any single action that LL have taken over the last 12 months will bring about the demise of SL.
I, along with countless others, will be taking a good long look at IMVU and other Virtual Worlds, even Opensim.
Even the Doyens of Third-Party Viewers Marine Kelley, Henri Beauchamp and Boy Lane are in uproar over this.
Last time I looked, there was what appeared to be a bemused silence in the Emerald camp (“They cannot be serious”…. “Can they….?”).
Someone in LL’s legal services office should be taking execs aside and saying “Look guys, this is suicide”. It is the daftest thing I have ever seen a commercial operation dependent on its clients (by its own admission) do.

Many actions that LL have undertaken recently have baffled me with their ineptness, but this is sheer, breathtaking stupidity. It also infringes on people’s human rights. Now in the USA that may not count for much, but in the EU it is a BIG DEAL and I suspect it is elsewhere in the World too.

For *God*’s sake (*x* insert word of your choice) LL, Step away from the Button. I do not want to lose my SL, but I have tried the official SLV – it is rubbish. I will leave if I must.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 26, 2010.

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