Well, Alright, so I DO believe it

Having read a lot of relevant text on this viewer issue, I can see that there is a valid reason for certain parts of the restriction. Clearly a viewer must not be equipped with griefing tools. However, it is also clear that a clever coder will be able to either compile a viewer with griefing capability that mimics an official viewer, or will modify an otherwise compliant viewer to do illegal things.

It makes me think that there is a sub-plot to this, and while I may be paranoid, that doesn’t mean that they (LL) aren’t out to get us.

The “legal responsibility” issue is nonsense, as I’m sure LL’s legal department have pointed out, and could not be made to stick in court. This however, will not deter some at LL from “waving the Big Stick”; it is disappointing.

I hope that the revised version of the Third Party Viewer Policy supposedly being prepared by Soft Linden is more sensible and less ambiguous.

Now (1.36.4) we have a Rolling Restart that all but clashes with scheduled maintenance. The seams are coming unstitched at LL.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 2, 2010.

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