Oh Well, Back to the Familiar!

After a period of time when I used SLV and even Dommed a little (not sure that it was terribly good for me or the sub), I am back in RLV, probably full-time until LL see fit to ban the viewer.
This time there seems to be a difference. My Domina asked me to go back to RLV after my last abortive attempt at Dommeing had come to a grinding halt; (why ARE some seemingly intelligent folk such dumb subbies?).
I am only lightly restrained, and like this I can endure for a long time – it has to be said that RLV is a lot “softer” now that “wear” is an option, complex outfits go where they should, and if a locked item is in the way, said item quickly re-attaches.
I still maintain, and always will, that Boy Lane codes the best viewer in SL (Rainbow Cool Edition); Emerald is very good if you have cutting edge technology under your desk and a fast broadband connection; for lesser combinations it is too resource-hungry. It is also, being based on SL viewer 1.23 like Henri’s true Cool SL Viewer, slower and much crashier.
Anyway, now that I am back in a more restrained set up, I confess to being happy with my partner and looking forward to my upcoming 2nd rezday.
Are we Happy Bunnies? Yes we are. A long while ago I discussed the nature of submission with Miss Inara Pey, it is a constant and anyone who is truly submissive, as I think I am, comes to realise that it is as much a part of their lives as is breathing.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 17, 2010.

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