What IS going on?

Over the past few days, SL has become almost unusable (for me, at least, and some of my friends too) due to chronic lag and TP issues.

I asked SL support if there was a reason for this, and I got this reply:
[08:42 AM] SL Support(I have removed names): “Hello Ayesha Askham, my name is SL Support. Thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support, how can I help you?”

[08:43 AM] Ayesha Askham: OK Hi SL Support

[08:43 AM] Ayesha Askham: What is the problem with TP today?

[08:44 AM] SL support: We know! would you please tell me the name of your location. Still some regions having issues

[08:44 AM] Ayesha Askham: I have made about 8 attempts to 4 destinations over a 20 mintute period. During that time none were successful and one resulted in a region handoff and a crash

[08:45 AM] Ayesha Askham: I am TPing from Woods of Heaven, my home sim

[08:46 AM] Ayesha Askham: Two of my destinations were Red Eye Kingdom, or Death’s Head

[08:48 AM] SL support: Ayesha, Unfortunately Rainbow is not an official viewer of Second Life. We highly recommend residents to login into Second Life using a supported client! Please uninstall enterely your actual viewer (or upgrade it) and reinstall the latest official version of Second Life: http://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php or try 1.23.

[08:48 AM] SL support: Link is http://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php

[08:49 AM] SL support: 1.23 client may do a good job to access your destinations

[08:49 AM] Ayesha Askham: You know that is really unsatisfactory as an answer. You are making a serious error in alientating such users, I have friends using the official 1.23.4 and they are having precisely this isssue too

[08:49 AM] Ayesha Askham: sorry 1.23.5

[08:52 AM] SL support: Totally agree, however Linden Lab Support has policies we have to follow. As long as a resident uses the official client then we will be more than happy to offer support. We cannot be responsible for third party viewers.

[08:52 AM] SL support: In the meanwhile, can I help with anything else Ayesha?

[08:52 AM] Ayesha Askham: Ah well, I tried to be polite and ask a sensible question. That is not satisfactory. Goodbye

[08:53 AM] SL support: Bye for now Ayesha.

Now maybe I am being pernickety, but that sort of response suggests to me that LL are no longer truly interested in having developers in SL. We have to use their kit or they simply will not assist us, whether the issue be with our access to SL or SL itself. That is going WAY beyond the scope of the idiotic TPVP – it is dictating to us, their clientelle, what we MUST use to access Second Life. Who pays their wages?? We spend a huge amount of REAL money in SL – that is what makes the SL economy run – the laws are the same in SL and RL, and yet LL can chose to ignore some of us who have chosen to run variants of their interface.

Now the developer of the interface I use created it to assist folk like me in accessing SL in a smooth and meaningful way. I do not, nor cannot, go around SL interfering with others and spoiling their enjoyment. Yet SL are unprepared to even tell me what is going wrong. Now I think I know what it is: it is their attempts to limit script use of server memory. But rather than move with the times and upgrade their hardware they wish to limit our ability to use the available memory. How many people remember PCs like the Commodore PET with, I seem to recall, a heady 64KB of memory? Now 1TB of memory is available on server drives routinely. I’m not suggesting that such amounts are available to LL on the servers they could use – but there is certainly scope for more. It seems that the bogey of cost has raised its head and that LL are run by accountants and lawyers who simply do not understand the medium.

The essential philosophy being used to run SL at the moment is simply wrong, and will result in the death of SL, which after all the efforts of pioneering developers gone before, would be a criminal waste of talent and time.

I have found, in SL, a way to access a life simply not available to me in reality due to illness and incapacity. If bean-counters take that away from me, if lawyers try to tell me HOW I must live my SL, I will simply cease to be. This is simple, pure, plain and unequivocal madness. I am just NOT interested in another Facespace or Mybook social networking site.

Linden Laboratories: stop this stupidity now. PLEASE.

(I am going to find a way to post this somewhere that LL will actually read it as well).

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 14, 2010.

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