So, Now what?

Well, despite all the howls and misgivings, most of us are still in SL. Thanks to Linden Laboratories’ crass mis-handling of this affair we have lost some very valuable residents who simply would not yield to LL’s policy.

Some folk say these individuals were foolish and paranoid, I strongly disagree. Yes, these folk were principled and maybe a tad paranoid – but considering how badly LL handle their PR, I do not blame them.

One or two people at LL are skilled communicators – and it shows – others are pompous fools who may coincidentally be good software engineers.

I find it difficult to understand why some very senior people at LL can say that those folk who built SL should move aside and let LL turn what was, and for the most part still is, an unique virtual world into a “me-too” social network.

Having worked for a long time in the pharmaceutical industry, I am well-aquainted with the “me-too” mentality. It is a recipe for slow death in any industry that relies on innovation to progress. Now I can understand that Mitch Kapor and Mark Kingdon are casting envious eyes on the likes of the other established “My Book” type networks. But to turn a truly unique product into just another social website will not bring them the new memebers they so crave. If you want to do anything other than just sit around and play trivia games in SL, the new viewer is rubbish. That is why builders and even those of us that just dabble, use third-party viewers – because LL just fail to grasp the nature of their own creation!

The creator of the viewer I use has left SL, because they are fed-up with the constrictive control-freakery purveyed by the LL management. There is still one tool left to builders, and that had to be emasculated to be acceptable to LL. When will LL understand that what they are doing will not stop the cheats and griefers – they are not stupid and are far more resourceful and devious than LL give them credit for being.

Not only is LL using a sledgehammer to crack a nut – they have smashed the wrong nut!!

/me goes for a lie down in a darkened room to calm down.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 1, 2010.

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