Not Cool anymore

After more than 2 years today I ventured into SL on the back of a viewer not coded by Boy Lane. Like so many others I now use the Emerald viewer.
However, it is now even clearer to me that Emerald is a computer and graphics card hog. Now that my PC is upgraded to one of the best graphics cards around (no free advertising, Sorry) and I have stuffed as much RAM into its maw as it will take, I can run Emerald, and run it well.
There are those, my Dominant amongst them, who cannot, and will perforce stay on Rainbow/Cool due to its ability to function brilliantly without the need for huge resources. It is a crying shame that this viewer line will, sooner or later, become obsolete and unuseable in SL.
I am also now sure that RLVa, while it is very good, is NOT RLV. It is good enough, but no more. There are some oddities regarding its actions and the way it interacts with restraints and other users (non-Emerald users in particular). I am making notes as I go along and will hope that Emerald Support can assist me.
That said, it is a darned good viewer to the D/s inclined.
As time wears on, no doubt I will get used to its idiosyncrasies and learn how to use it properly. Probably after 2 years I’ll wonder how I used anything else! Mind you SL will have to last that long!!

The debate around the latest upheavals at LL are raging on in and out of SL, and the latest Server-software debacle have not aided SL’s profile, we hang on, we hope and in the end we wait and see. I just hope I will be able to look back in two and a half years and review this article in SL. If SL is here, I will be too.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 20, 2010.

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