“Unable to attach object….” cont’d

Just a small further comment on Linden Laboratories and their slide into obscurity.

I observe that on the JIRA where most of the posts are being made, SVC-5966, there is an information bar proclaiming Maintenance on Thursday 15th between 11pm and 1am, with “only minor outages”. Is this then 14th-15th July ie tonight or 15-16th July ie Thursday-Friday? And why is there no post on the Status page?

My sense of outrage suggests that this is Linden Labs attempting to correct the inventory loss for a number of accounts, without a public announcement of their climb-down.

I also note the disappearance of the schedule of Restarts for Public Server 1.42, what a surprise, since there is no date yet for the re-appearance of Server 1.40.XX.

So this degrading charade continues, and more and more people come to dislike and distrust Linden Labs. despite there being some fine people in the company.

I have already noticed another 10% drop in log-ins (logs-in?), at this rate we’ll be lucky to see peak numbers of >60K online. Bear in mind that at one time we were seeing >90K online!

I am saddened by this debacle and its consequences.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 14, 2010.

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