The Way Forward…?

Now, I’m not known for my optimism – I’m a “glass half empty” type. However, recent happenings make me even less sanguine about SL’s future.
Philip Rosedale’s Roadmap for SL 2010 given as his Keynote speech at SLCC 6 does not, in and of itself, contain anything particularly novel, apart (perhaps) from the the Earth-shattering conclusion that the “Teen Grid” was an expensive mistake.
So now all users will share the main grid and the farce of having the adult classification will be less of a blithering compromise.

Script-limits (sorry Avatar Complexity Limits) will be introduced by allowing sim owners to set limits. I wonder how that will work? “Hey you have too many scripts – you’re ejected”? More likely if one exceeds the predetermined limit one will simply not be able to reach a sim. How many sim owners will set other than hopelessly optimistic limits based on a mythical maximum occupancy of the sim?

I know my current avatar probably dims the lights in some sims when I TP in and out, and we are all familiar with the chronic sim-freeze effect of a simulator-server trying to process a new set of scripts as someone TPs. But perhaps someone could tell me why Linden Lab use servers with memory capacity that was merely adequate 5 years ago and is hopelessly inadequate now, while we users need state of the art computers simply to operate the latest viewers? Even a Geek-driven thing should and could do better. A 2-fold improvement in Viewer start-up? V2 would need to do some things 10-fold better to become acceptable.

I didn’t imagine that things would get significantly better with Philip’s return, I simply hoped that the recent downward trend of SL’s useability would be terminated. I am still waiting – the jury is still out.

And now, on top of this we have infighting at Modular Systems. Those people really need to get a grip on their egos, if they are not to kill off what to many has been the only thing keeping them in SL.

I know Emerald is not the only viewer out there, but it is by FAR the most numerous. I run 1636 which has some of the issues of Viewer 1.23.5. Those folk trying Snowglobe-based versions find even more irritating bugs (I know they aren’t Emerald bugs), but now there is the worry that the unsavoury past of Emerald is rearing its ugly head again – how long before Emerald is not an Approved TPV?

I just wish the folk who provide my SL would stop behaving like over-hormoned teenagers and learn to cooperate for a better future for us all.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 15, 2010.

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