Here We Go again…maybe going Green wasn’t the answer!

No sooner had I got my feet under the table of my new viewer than all Hell broke loose at Modular.
I’ve already given readers a feel for my reactions to some of the statements made by various devs at Modular, now it seems there were serious misdoings at Modular, and Lordgreggreg’s comments were totally justified.

Whether anything really can be saved from the wreckage of Emerald remains to be seen. Jessica and Arabella are very sound folk in whom I have great faith. I just hope they have a team who prove both capable and honest.

The person responsible for Emerald’s dowfall was highly capable, but utterly amoral and dishonest, and that sort of damage isn’t easily cleared up.

Most SL residents probably didn’t understand what happened, and almost as many probably didn’t care. Linden Lab were handed a golden opportunity to trash a major rival in the Viewer stakes and for once they acted quickly (strange that?).

Judging by the panic online today, Emerald will have lost a great many users, and I wonder who can profit most? Linden Lab with their awful Viewer 2, or possibly Snowglobe (wait, it’s being discontinued isn’t it?); Imprudence – will folk burned by Emerald really trust them? Who knows?

I will, for now stick with my trusty 1636 (with Boy Lane’s Rainbow/Cool as reserve) and wait and see what happens.

But really, this is yet another farce, cock-up, call it what-you-will, and SL will pay a price for it. Come on people, this virtual world is still streets ahead of its competition, isn’t it worth working for?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 24, 2010.

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