Crawling from the wreckage…..

So, you think you can run Emerald….oops. Oh dear. Well this whole unseemly mess has left Emerald seriously wounded (possibly fatally) and Linden Lab looking a lot sicker than ever.

I wonder if Fractured Crystal ever stopped to consider how many people’s Second Lives he screwwed? So he made a mistake? This was a lot more than a mistake. It was a selfish act of monstrous proportions, carried out by someone who simply cannot comprehend other folks’ right to exist.

Those honest folk remaining at Emerald (there must be some?) have an Herculean task ahead of them if Emerald is ever to be trusted by a significant portion of SL. Some of the less conscientious people at Linden Research will be jumping for joy at this mess, but they are seriously mistaken if they think that this incident will have SL users returning to their fold in droves.

I was in two minds about sticking with Emerald, having obtained what I was told was a clean viewer in version, but I have also been given to understand that even this viewer is “contaminated”. As a result I have moved over to LordGreggreg Back’s Emergence Viewer, and so far I am delighted with it.

Since I was extremely dubious about Snowglobe-based viewers, this amounts to a “Road to Damascus” moment for me. These new viewers are fabulous, and the slight increase in bandwidth needed for http textures seems well within the ability of my cable to provide, the upshot being rezzing of textures at the speed we used to have them. (Why is it that such progress seems to involve taking two steps back to go three forwards?)

So now we look forward to seeing Emerald produce a viewer without EMKDU.dll and LLKDU.dll that will convince us to return to them – it won’t happen! Linden Lab know that. LL won’t hang Emerald, they will just give it some rope and watch as it hangs itself.

The saddest part of this for me is that Linden Lab seriously expect to gain credibility from this action.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 29, 2010.

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