Exeunt Emerald

This is a sad day for a large portion of SL. I really did not think that my most Machiavellian assumptions about Emerald would be proven true, but with Jessica’s resignation, that seems now to be the case.
This not only marks the passing of the best (in my opinion, for folk with less than top-notch PCs and connections) viewer in SL, but must mark a turning point for Second Life. Linden Lab do not come out of this ahead.

Yes, it was inevitable and right that LL would punish Emerald for it’s developers’ stupidity and illegal acts, but in doing it this way, it shows itself to be an ignorant bully. A crippled Emerald was never going to be a useable tool for SL. We already know that LL’s own viewers are clumsy and slow – I wonder how long viewers such as Emergence and even Imprudence will be allowed to connect to SL? Then what – no TPVs at all? That is my pessimistic prediction, and before the end of 2010, too.

In my heart I knew this would happen though I fervently prayed that it would not come to such a pass. The old adage says: “Pride cometh before a fall”. Were there ever more prideful folk than Phox and Fractured Crystal? Damn! You unspeakable idiots!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 1, 2010.

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