Emerald’s Legacy

This post will be my last on this topic, it seems my views are misunderstood by some rather important people.

Firstly, I do not support IN ANY WAY Fractured Crystal or any of his alts. He gave Emerald Viewer possibly the most poisonous legacy that anyone could. He destroyed any trust that any reasonable person could have in it.

Secondly I do support and praise LordGregGreg Back for his stand at Emerald and his work in providing us with a clean alternative in Emergence. I also support and praise his alliance with Jessica Lyon in the creation of Phoenix, which, if it does become allied with the Snowstorm project, will be a real force for good useability ands accessibility in SL. I know that LordGregGreg Back is deeply committed to making SL accessible to the physically impaired user, and his work there is even more praiseworthy.

I am mortified to find that those whose opinions I have come to trust and value have misinterpreted my comments, and I must blame my own poor communication skills for that. I hope this post will go some way to rectify that.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 4, 2010.

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