Shambles II, or…How I learned to Love Linden Lab

Ha ha, erm, no. Vogt Linden (initials A.E. perhaps?) seems to think removing most of support functions from basic accounts will somehow magically improve the lot of Premium and Concierge accounts. It won’t, it will just make a lot of people leave SL. Together with the other ludicrous decisions announced in the Blog recently, it beggars belief that an organisation can so totally fail to connect with its customers.
I really do begin to doubt the competence of the Board of Directors of Linden Research Inc.
It has been clear for a while that Linden Lab believe they have a product that is a legal addictive. As such they seem to believe that whatever they choose to give, we (their addicted userbase) will squeal, but continue to shoot up.
They obviously have failed to notice that there is some competition out there now. Not much yet, but it’s coming, and if LL continue to act like ostriches and do not treat their userbase with civility, they will die as an entity.
I believed that however badly I felt that LL treated its userbase, it wouldn’t bite the hand that fed it – i.e. the educators. I was wrong. I’m not ready to quit SL yet, but I’m a Hell of a sight closer than I was.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 9, 2010.

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