Women and Furries First…?

Judging by the torrent of comment regarding Linden Lab’s plans to reorganise their Support function, it is becoming clear that the chattering forumeers are not the only SL residents who are seriously underimpressed by the Lab’s current performance.
Recent comments from members with considerable financial interest (for hobbyists) in SL show that they are being treated shamefully by LL.
Lesser (ie non-concierge level) members are barely served at all.
All this combined with the current financial climate in North America, Europe and most of the “1st and 2nd World”, and the persistent rumours of SL’s impending sale, lead me to suspect that SL will be gone from our net before very long.
Linden Lab have, it seems, abandoned any pretence at servicing all but the US client-base, their Live Chat hours are useless for those outside the US West Coast time zones (and very little use to those in it either). Responses are useless or non-existent in my personal experience, and that seems to be the experience of virtually all residents that have posted on the thread regarding this topic on the Official Blog.
Now, assuming that Linden Lab employees are not lobotomised before being allowed to interact with users and clients of SL, it is reasonable to assume that Linden Lab simply cannot support their creation. That being the case Philip Rosedale should bite the bullet and simply admit that LL and SL are going down the tubes. I strongly suspect that there would be a huge body of residents who would rally round to help keep SL going.

Note: I say IF Philip Rosedale is honest with us. I have to say that on balance of probabilities, given Philip’s track-record, that is unlikely. That is a shame, but in truth Linden Lab is far less attached to SL than most residents. They know we know that, and as far as I can see, are using that against us.

That having been said, I see no resolution to our problems.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 18, 2010.

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