Odds and Ends

Well, it is proving to be an interesting week. This latest main grid roll has thrown up some odd effects. On my home sim Woods of Heaven, things have not been good. Script time increased and both TD and Sim FPS were worse. A lot worse. Also packet loss was atrocious. Now on TP to a Bluesteel sim, packet loss vanished. Twice. So it is not coincidence, something in the server software released to the Main Grid is causing issues. But it doesn’t seem to affect all sims, just some. I don’t have a rational explanation for this, but it is at the LL end of things. I have rigorously checked my connection and within the UK it is perfect.

Tonight I learned that Linden Lab are to compensate those accounts that suffered material loss over that fiasco in the Summer with Server version 1.40.2. This is, as far as I know, unprecedented, and the best news I have heard in SL for a very long time. I am not afraid to pillory Linden Lab for some of their actions, but in this case I am pleased to be able to praise the Lab for doing this, even if it is a bit late for many. Way to go Linden Lab. Wow – never thought I’d say that!

On a rather parochial note, we went to New Brighton sim tonight – Bernard Hertzog’s recreation of Brighton in SL. I have been unable to TP there for a while, but Bernard is a nice fella and his sim is really well worth a visit, it is a hoot! If you want a bit of fun and to see a really well made sim, go and see.

Hmm, feeling quite “up” about SL tonight – I hope it lasts.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 24, 2010.

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