A-tishoo…A-tishoo, we all fall down

Borrowing from a folk nusery rhyme now; Last night’s failure of the Southerndown sim, and a good few others went completely uncommented on by Linden Lab. Considering that at one point several hundred avs found themselves unceremoniously dumped into telehubs, many minus scripted attachments (thankfully in my case, still intact in my inventory) having been ghosted on various failing sim servers, I am still a little surprised it has gone unreported upon.

Subsequent restarts did little to help those having real trouble leaving the crowded telehubs. Mind you, some avs would probably have still been there now if the failed servers had not been restarted promptly.

We were told that the newly rolled server software was intended to stop this “ghosting” phenomenon (where an account is disconnected from SL, but the avatar does not leave the sim and the account is effectively blocked from relogging until the avatar is booted off the sim). I doubt if it was intended to cope with this sort of mass disconnection.

I have to wonder what the cause of such a mass failure was (looking at logged on numbers, it seems to have been around 1000 accounts), and I will probably continue to wonder unless some well-informed soul can tell me why it happened.

The Southerndown sim – (Rubber Room and MGM dungeons) is a bit creaky due to the script load, but this surely cannot have been the cause of a mass-failure? Any enlightenment would be gratefully received.
I did not suffer any inventory loss as a result of the failure although my av was rolled back several hours – I hope no one else did. What was odd was that while some of my prims were removed in the failure, others were not, regardless of whether they were locked or not.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 6, 2010.

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