And so to 2011

2011 should mark a big step forward in SL for me and Linden Lab, but for very different reasons.
For me, I go into 2011 with the intention of taking over and running our homestead sim. The Avatar from who we have been subletting for nearly 2 years, on Woods of Heaven and previously on TwinPeak is going into SL business and needs a commercial sim to support his breeding plans.
Thus Woods of Heaven, merely a 1/4 sim homestead, will belong to my Domina, my SL sister and myself. It has been a long journey from my first rezzing into SL to this, but now we really can start to make our virtual life as we wish it to appear. All we now need is for Linden Lab to make SL work properly.

There’s the rub. SL has not worked well for many months and currently has limped through the festive season with little or no control from Linden Lab. I wonder what the first roll of 2011 holds in store for us? Lots of much-needed bug-fixes? I can hope. Some new “shiny” feature to impress all those newly arrived Teen Grid Immigrants? Frankly I’d put money on it being the latter, given LL’s appalling record of not fixing broken features in SL.

Take “Display Names”: I was puzzled to see names on my friends list on the SL website that I didn’t recognise – my viewer doesn’t support Display Names, so it took me a while to work out who these strangers were. Also Display Names are known to be very fickle and buggy, mostly showing as “???” for those whose viewers show them at all. Now in order to force folk’s hands on arriving in SL, Linden Lab decided to discontinue SL second names, so that all new accounts are “xxxx Resident”. That, to my mind is like finding that your new boat leaks, so to correct it you drain the river. (Well, it doesn’t leak any more).

So we look forward to 2011 and the induction of a new LL CEO, full of dynamism and enthuiasm for the “game”…er “game”? Well whatever it is to others, SL is not a “game” to me. No, it isn’t “real”, but it is no game either. Please understand, I live my SL, I am of sound mind and I know what I’m doing.

Happy New Year.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 3, 2011.

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