Land Ho!

Well, it’s been Two and a half years getting there but I am now an SL landowner. OK strictly it’s renting and it is group deeded, but who cares.
Recent events brought the decision to a head, and actually in the end it wasn’t difficult to decide. Woods of Heaven is ours. Not just a parcel but the whole sim.
Frankly Domina and myself are delighted and have busily created a lovely rather “garden sim” ambience in which to laze around. We will sail around our land to our hearts’ content, (SL willing), and annabel, the third and most recent resident of our home is beside herself at having such a place so soon in her SL.
I passed 1000 days in SL on New Year’s Day and Domina has her third rezday at the end of the month.
Last night wasn’t as smooth as I’d’ve liked, my trusty Emergence viewer coughed and died rather unpleasantly, and I cautiously moved onto the definitive 3rd Party Viewer, Phoenix 818. What a revelation. I was expecting slow rezzing of textures, after all that had been said about OpenJPEG2000, but so far, while the render pipeline is visibly different, it is not markedly slower.
So, all things being equal (a strange phrase, since all things are NEVER equal), we stride out to meet a virtual 2011 with hope and a strange sucking noise at our purses.
Recently LL seem to have been doing things right – can this be true….will it continue…?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 16, 2011.

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