Asset-Servers and SL

I have got to post about this. There has been a serious problem in SL for over a week now regarding “RLVa Assertion Failure” errors. These occur when the sim-server fails to return a UUID code to the viewer about an attachment the is being “worn”.

This problem does not only affect RLVa users, it plagues TPV and SLV users alike, and has been documented in The SL jira SVC-6766. That Jessica Lyon, lead of the Phoenix Viewer group raised the jira has at least tweaked Linden Lab’s tail, and Maestro Linden now knows about it.

The recent evidence that technical know-how at “The Lab” seems to be heading for incompetent is accelerating, and indeed it would appear the not only did Linden Lab throw the baby out with the bath-water in their round of forced redundancies last Autumn, the remaining competent work-force is getting out as quickly as it can.

I cannot help but think that the recent acknowledgement that support was not good enough and would be radically improved simply shows Rod Humble is shoring up the walls of a crumbling edifice.

That realisation makes me extremely sad, but I am not at all surprised.

Addendum 21/2/2011:
Nothing so far has been done by Linden Lab to ameliorate this issue, despite it’s being traced to a bug introduced in recent server-software. If it IS fixed without comment in the next roll (ie tomorrow) a lot of folk will be relieved. If, however it ISN’T fixed……

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 17, 2011.

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