Talking to myself….

It is blazingly obvious now that all that I post about in SL, if it doesn’t refer to some form of submission/fetish/kink, it is ignored, if not entirely, then certainly by the vast majority of idle browsers.
So…since I’m talking to myself…I am becoming fed-up with the slow slide into anarchy that I observe on SL blogs. Even the official SL blog is full of spam posts about earning vast amounts of Linden Dollars. Surely to it is not beyond the ability of Linden Lab employees to remove such pollution?

The mere fact that LL allowed a seriously broken platform to go public on Wednesday last suggests to me that Linden Lab have lost most of their able staff. I begin to wonder just how steep the nose-dive that SL is entering will be?

I know that there is a wealth of immaturity out there in SL – we see it every day, but to see it perpetrated under the noses of Linden Lab is despicable.

Data-scraping, spam advertising, greifing….maybe I’m just to old and too jaded for this medium in general.

Is there a group inworld for “Grumpy Old Avatars”? If so I should join it, if not I shall form it.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 7, 2011.

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