Dollified again

A long time back, I posted an article titled “What is Dollification?”. I had been a Doll in SL for some few weeks and really hadn’t much more than my own experience of isolation and depersonalisation to go on.
I have been “Dolled” a couple of times since, but not for any length of time.

Well, a few nights ago, my Domina suddenly told me to remove all my demon attachments and clothes and in a few minutes I returned to being a latex-encased Doll.

So now I am virtually constantly gagged, partially blindfolded a lot of the time, which also removes my ability to touch items inworld (or on my HUD actually) and I appear to the Virtual world faceless behind a locked featureless ER Hood. Fairlight mittens and ballet boots complete the image with latex clothing from poc and ER latex boobs and hair.
It is a pretty extreme form of isolation, but it is something that both my Domina and I find fascinating and stimulating. It may seem odd, but being gagged and almost blind in mouselook and IM deaf and dumb is a challenge, and one against which I like to test myself. I am not isolated from my Domina, she likes to see how I handle this status probably more than I do myself.

How long will this last..? Who knows, it is something that Dolls don’t think about! It is also interesting to see what effect my condition has on my graphics set-up!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 24, 2011.

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